Huayang united to fight the epidemic

Date:2021-12-21   Click:268
Huayang united to fight the epidemic

On February 19, 2020, Zhongfu Lianzhong and Shenan heavy industries, brother enterprises in Beiguan District, visited Huayang electromagnet to learn about epidemic prevention and control and prepare for resumption of work. The leaders of Huayang electromagnet company received the brother enterprises and took the brother enterprises to visit the key processes of enterprise resumption and epidemic prevention. While doing a good job in their resumption and epidemic prevention, they tried their best to provide help for the brother enterprises and help the brother enterprises to resume work as soon as possible.

Reduce face-to-face communication, try to communicate online and keep more than 1m away from colleagues

Wash hands frequently, and wash hands before and after circulating paper documents

Drink more water. Each person should drink no less than 1500 ml per day

Reduce centralized meetings and control the length of meetings.

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