Announcement on the completion of phase I of the production technology upgrading and expansion project of electromagnet for hydraulic valve

Date:2021-12-29   Click:203

The supporting environmental protection facilities of the company's new production technology upgrading, transformation and expansion project (phase I project) (completion acceptance) for electromagnets for hydraulic valves have been completed. According to Article 11 of the Interim Measures for acceptance of environmental protection upon completion of construction projects (ghgheia [2017] No. 4), the completion date of the construction project is hereby publicized.

Completion date: January 25, 2021

Employer: Anyang Hyoiat electromagnet Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Construction site: 100M north of the intersection of Zhonghua Road north section and Chuangye Avenue, Beiguan District, Anyang City

Contact: Environmental Protection Office of the company

Tel.: 0372-2615889

Anyang Hyoiat electromagnet Manufacturing Co., Ltd

January 25, 2021

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